The Best Habit Trigger that Will Make Your New Habit Stick Like a Glue

And the most popular habit of successful people

Michał Stawicki
2 min readJun 5, 2021


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The best trigger to make a new habit stick is an already established habit. Have a look at examples from BJ Fogg, a habit expert and the author of Tiny Habits:

Note how they are written with an existing habit at the start (After I…) combined with the new behavior you want.

“After I pour my morning coffee, I will text my mom.”

“After I start the dishwasher, I will read one sentence from a book.”

“After I walk in my door from work, I will get out my workout clothes.”

“After I put my head on the pillow, I will think of one good thing from my day.”

If you are a total newbie in habits development, I urge you to incorporate your new habit into your morning and create a morning ritual. It is absurdly easy to develop and maintain, because it is based on the most reliable trigger in human life: waking up in the morning.

Morning Ritual Is Easy

This is why it’s so wildly popular. It’s not like those tiresome resolutions: starting a diet or learning a new language. It’s almost seamless.

You wake up and you start your routine. Day after day and time after time. Failure can only creep in if you wake up too late and the ritual itself is very elastic. You can start from 6 minutes, like Hal Elrod, the author of “The Miracle Morning,” states.

Anchor your new habit with the old habit. It’s infallible.

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