I Changed My Habits, thus I Fixed My Life

Of course, the bigger the period we consider, the bigger the difference.

I like to compare myself from 2012 to myself now. In the middle of 2012, I went through a significant mindset change, and as a result, I consciously started working on my habits.

I developed dozens of new daily habits, no exaggeration.

By the way, developing new habits is the way for a total habit makeover I recommend. I was so focused on my new daily disciplines that most of my bad habits simply starved to death since I had no time nor attention to spare for them. For example, I completely ditched computer games, which was my favorite pastime.

I didn’t try to quit gaming; it was just an aftereffect of my focus on good habits development.

The Change

So, in 2012 I had daily routines which were imposed on me by the world or by my urges: my morning ritual was centered around getting ready to work, my commuting habits were centered around killing my time, and my working habits were centered on whatever my supervisors thought was suitable.

Nowadays, my habits are a result of a conscious design of my life. I commute less because I was able to downsize my day job to quarter-time.
Besides, I changed jobs and cut the commute time in half.
My morning routine is focused on priming my days. And I decide what I will be working on and how.

Originally published on Quora.



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