How to Find Peace of Mind Writing, Publishing and Promoting Your Book

Michał Stawicki
5 min readOct 14, 2021

Another great podcast with the transcription! This episode is great for book writers, self-publishers, and universal — good for all.

Here comes my Cliffs Notes:

Snow Globe

I wrote a whole book about changing your self-talk, but even the best advice on this topic is worthless, when people cannot grasp what self-talk is. I think the below parable explains it perfectly:

“I mean, think the snow that’s flying all over the place, we think that’s our thoughts. We think that’s our truth, but that’s not our truth. That’s just a bunch of conditioned responses and thinking that changes, and shifts, and creates different emotions, but there’s something deeper inside.”

-Bella Mahaya Carter

You Are Enough

“Remember, and this is something that maybe you don’t hear often, but I just want to say to all of your listeners out there, remember this, you are enough. Whenever you have the thought that you’re not enough for whatever reasons because I have dealt with that thought in my whole life, I’m here to say that that is a thought, and it’s not the truth of who you are, or what have to offer. You don’t have to listen to that thought.”

-Bella Mahaya Carter

My heart just melted when I heard that. How aptly said. Bella is a really great communicator, and she has a gift of words. That wasn’t the first time I was like:

“Heck, I already knew this, but she said it so well!”

Four Golden Nuggets

“Just know who you are, know yourself, slow down enough so that that is possible.”



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