Are You a Writer?

(so start ACTING like one)

Michał Stawicki
4 min readFeb 16, 2017


I don’t have the words to properly describe awesomeness of this book. I don’t read much about writing. As a proper published author I think I’m perfect and nobody will tell me how should I write. Or do my business. It’s not their business to poke their noses into my business.

I’m so glad I decided to read You Are a Writer I was drawn straight into it from the Why Listen To Me? section at the beginning of the book. Once Jeff stopped covering theoretic pitiful creatures (wannabe writers) and started talking about himself, the book suddenly become deadly serious and deep.

Writers don’t write for the money.

I’m past my own struggles with my writer’s identity. I have nine books published and six more in various stages of completion. I’ve been writing every day since 23rd of September 2013. I passed the 1 million words mark in 2016.

But when Jeff took me to the beginnings of his career it was so raw and real I felt it in my bones.
I thought: “Wow, I was in the same spot.”
I was back in my own skin at the end of 2012 when I put my words ‘out there’ for the first time. I was back there when my short story was criticized on the big Science Fiction forum; I was once again rejected by a huge site in the last possible moment, literally a few days before publishing the article I had worked on for months.

I put the time in and showed up — and I saw results.

I was also back on the path which took me out of that miserable start. I kept writing and everything had passed away. I was again surprised that my writing was praised, that my book sold thousands of copies, and that my readers were reaching out to me and telling that I’ve changed their lives for better.

It all materialized because I was consistently writing. Exactly as Jeff said in his book.

Without patrons, you won’t reach your potential.

I’m even more grateful that I’ve read this book as one of the first on my new Kindle device. I could highlight. It’s hard to find a page of You Are a Writer on my Kindle without at least a single highlight or a note. The ’empty’ pages are compensated by those with multiple (2–4) highlights.

Jeff said that you should write your content in a manner making your readers willing to share it. This crazy number of highlights is another…



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