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Let it sink: each and every good habit would exponentially make you a better person in 30 days. There is no single exception. Why? Because habits compound. That’s their nature:

The only right answer is: “as long as it takes.”

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It depends on a person and on a habit. It’s easier to develop and embrace a habit of gulping a glass of water first thing in the morning than to write 1,000 words a day.

There was only one half-reliable scientific study done on how long it takes to develop a habit. The conclusion was any period between 18 and 254 days.

Why half-reliable? I developed some habits faster than in 18 days. I struggled for years with some habits. Reality always beats scientific conclusions.


But “lifestyle” is not a habit. What it is, anyway? The definition says it is:

Healthy habits made me a healthy person

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Taking one person as an example is not a very bright idea. Habits are just a part of the health equation. Your genes, immune system, and fitness level make a big difference too.

Besides, this question would have made so much more sense if you asked about the healthiest person over 40 (or even 50). Young organisms can take so much pounding and still thrive.

My Grandfather

One of the healthiest specimens I’ve ever known was my grandfather. He was a farmer. He had some cardiovascular problems, but I never remember him being sick. …

(in Hindi it is called “galiya”)?

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Ironically, your adventure with vocabulary will be easier to start if you think first about eliminating words you no longer want.
When you try to introduce something new into your mind, it’s easy to lose track, to let it slip from your mind, and simply forget. Then at the end of your day you look at your tracking sheet and think: “Heck, I completely forgot to say this new word even once today!”

However, when you focus on not saying something, it’s much better for your self-awareness. Cussing is a widespread bad habit. If you decide to stop cursing, it’s…

Comfort zone is actually a comfort pit

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It’s not bad in itself. Living entirely in your comfort zone is an absence of good. Well, rather an absence of the “better”.

And the absence of good is an evil thing in itself.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Very few good things connote positively with comfort. Recharging. Enjoyment. But comfort zone, staying comfy forever, makes those qualities passing the boundary of moderation.
Enjoyment turns into boredom. It starts to be tiring. There is no struggle in the comfort zone, and it’s the struggle that makes you grow.


Live your life to the fullest; do your duty

The 8th of March. I’m back from work. I open my email and read an email from Rob Archangel, my audiobook producer:

Dan Culhane passed away last week.

Dan was my narrator. He narrated a couple of my books in 2017 — Master Your Time and From Shy to Hi. In December 2020, in the midst of the deepest financial crisis in my life since 2009, I convinced my friend to invest in my audiobooks.

Dan managed to record The Art of Persistence before his death. We made the project rolling at the 23rd of January. …

My advice to 16-year-old with such a dilemma…

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I got asked this exact question:

Should I delete the YouTube app? I’m not a YouTuber or anything like that; I’m just wondering if YouTube is as useless of an app as Instagram that just wastes one’s time. I’m 16.

And here is my answer:

Yes, you should delete it. YouTube in itself isn’t good or bad like a knife is not. It’s just a tool.

However, some knives were created with the intent of cutting vegetables, and other with the intent of killing people.

How to really attract — and receive! — what you desire.

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Much depends on what you mean by the law of attraction. I won’t try to define LoA, here. I’ll give you a few examples of LoA habits basing on how I understand it.

1. Gratitude.

This is huge. Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction or not, this habit has a huge potential to change your life.

Well, in my understanding of LoA, you should be grateful for the things you are trying to attract like you already possessed them. It’s a difficult art. How to be already grateful for something that hasn’t yet materialized?

Creation triumphs over consumption.

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The rule of thumb is this: if you consume more than you create, you waste your time.

So, the time-killing habits are:
-scrolling through social media,
-watching TV,
-playing computer games (and on mobiles, of course),
-watching YouTube,
-binge-watching TV series (not necessarily on TV),
-excessive reading (especially fiction).

When you consume content, especially with close to no reflection about it (mindless browsing on YT, sitcoms and soap operas, arcane games) autopilot takes over your mind’s steering.

The magnificent organ you have between your ears is of no more use than your liver or anus. …

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