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I write about various aspects of personal development, predominantly from my experience. I’m a champion of good habits and crusader against quiet desperation. Search for articles easily on my website.

I preach (and practice!) consistent daily action. I believe this is the means to achieve…

Aka: How to Change Your Unhelpful Thinking about Consistency?

Image by Devendra Dhonde from Pixabay

My friends nicknamed me Mr. Consistency. Clearly, they thought I possess this trait at an extraordinary level. However, there is nothing extraordinary about my consistency. It is mundane, even boring. It is not so difficult at all.

Most think consistency is hard, difficult, impossible, tough, unstable, untenable, and unsustainable.


Michał Stawicki

Authorpreneur. Progress fanatic. I help people change their lives… even if they don’t believe they can. I blog on http://ExpandBeyondYourself.com/

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